Friday, 5 December 2014

But All I Wanted...

...was to reply to a comment.  Seriously, I'd got a comment on a YouTube video (which is now a rare enough event that it merits being remarked upon!), and I wanted to reply.  Google, in their infinite wisdom, wouldn't let me reply without generating a new bleeding Google+ page attached specifically to my YT channel... as if one useless G+ page attached to the top level of my Google account wasn't bad enough!

I'm getting seriously hacked off with the whole YT/G+ thing.

Back in the day, if you wanted to be on YT, you had a YT account.  You logged into that account, and you could add videos to your channel and leave comments and stuff, just like what happens on any other website whose designers have brain cells.  End of.

Now?  Sure, you can sign into YT, albeit using your Google account, and post videos, like before.  But it seems that leaving comments requires the existence of at least one (preferably fifteen) G+ pages bolted to various parts of your Google account like so many tumours.  That's basically what it comes down to - unifying YT accounts into Google accounts, fair enough, but now they've gone and given YouTube cancer.  G+ is a hideous, cancerous growth infecting the system and ruining everything, and I FREAKING HATE IT.  You hear me, Google?  I'll bet you don't, but I'm gonna yell at you anyway: I HATE GOOGLE+.  ALL OF IT.  IT'S STUPID AND POINTLESS AND ADDS NOTHING TO THE YOUTUBE EXPERIENCE, UNLESS YOU COUNT FRUSTRATION AS AN ADDITION.  GET IT?

The thing is, it does nothing.  If G+ did anything that was worth doing, then I might not mind adding a page or two, but it doesn't.  It does nothing.  It's one more platform where you can allegedly connect with people, but I've never made a single meaningful connection on that platform.  The people I actually want to talk to, I talk to on Skype or Steam - or, shock horror, in person!  Going through the treadmill of adding them all as contacts on yet another online platform does nothing for me.  And even when I add people there, they don't do anything there to make it worth my while having bothered to add them there.  And neither do I.  The cool stuff is happening on other platforms.  ALL OF IT.  Nothing - nothing whatsoever - of any interest happens on G+.  You go to any G+ page you like, and it's got the same hollow, vaguely depressing feeling that an empty room has.  And I find it very, very frustrating being forced to connect a bunch of depressing empty rooms onto my YT account.

Dear Google: G+ has failed.  Please kill it immediately.  Keep Google accounts by all means, but please delete every trace of G+ code from the system, take down all those soul-crushing empty pages, and let the world go back to the way it should be.  And fire the person who instigated G+, because they're stupid.

Thank you.

- The Colclough

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