Thursday 16 September 2010

All Those Shining Gigabytes

Be ye warned: the following blog post is computery.  Except for the last paragraph, which is a mini-rant about the postal system.


The other day, I discovered that both of my hard disks were over 3/4 full.

Those of you who pay attention to your remaining HDD capacity will be familiar with the old sinking feeling that comes when you realise you're running out of space.

Well, today I went on a digital rampage through my second HDD, which is where I store most of my filmmaking and animation files.  I stuffed three years' worth of animation source files into zip archives, and threw out more than 90 GB of old video, mostly uncompressed animation renders, and a few hours' worth of bad footage of me rambling at the camera.  Don't worry, I've kept edited versions of the more interesting bits.

But suddenly, HDD 2 is more than half empty, and it'll be even emptier by the time I've finished transferring those zip archives to CDR and doing a few last bits of mucking out, which will probably have to wait until sometime next week, as I'm supposed to be building a summerhouse tomorrow (yes, in mid-September), and I'm away for the weekend.

And now that I'm rattling around inside a half-empty computer, I'm starting to wonder what to do with all the freshly-cleared space.  I've had a nagging feeling for months that I should have started on another animation project by now, but I've been struggling to get a decent script together.  I have too many fragmentary, half-baked ideas, and none that are ready to move ahead and start animating 8p


For anyone who was hoping this post might contain news of Megastropulodon: I'm just waiting until the actors have received their DVDs, and then I will post the film online.  Two down, two to go.  Considering that I sent the discs by first-class recorded delivery on Saturday, at a cost of £1.70 each (daylight robbery!), I'm a bit annoyed not to have had all four confirmed as received by now.  Darn Royal Mail and their snail-impersonating ways.  But don't worry, I haven't forgotten my promise to inflict the movie on the interwebs.

- The Colclough

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