Thursday 28 April 2011

Night of the Last Shower

Oh dear, nearly a month since my last post.  Don't know what happened there. Well, I sort of do: guests staying, and a comprehensive bathroom refit.  And a relative lack of inspiration.  Among other things.  There might be another blog challenge thing versus Hannah in the offing, but that idea's still embryonic.

Some updates:
  • I do plan on resuming Arbitrary Stopframe sometime - just not sure when.
  • I've finished the second draft of Megastropulodon Episode 1, Day of the Goldfish.
  • I've finished second drafts for the first three episodes of Frozen Bones.
  • I've just had my last shower in the old tub.  I won't show you a picture - for one thing, I'm not allowed to take the camera in the shower; for another, you really don't want to see that.

Our very small bathroom currently has two tubs in it, one on each side, with just enough space to squeeze the old toilet in between.  The plan for tomorrow, while the rest of the country is glued to their TVs watching the Royal Wedding, is to take out the old bath and its associated gubbins, and plumb in the new one.  All the tiles above the old bath will need taking off the wall, and I'm rather looking forward to doing that.  I like the demolition bits.

It was a bit weird standing in the same tub that I've been using for over 11 years, and knowing that after all those hundreds of showers in there, this was the very last, and that within 24 hours the whole setup would have ceased to exist.  Slightly bittersweet.

Still, there's a lovely new shower waiting to go just a few feet away...

- The Colclough

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