Monday 31 October 2011

Time of Year

As of yesterday, we're back on Proper Time.  For another five months, we'll say it's noon when it's actually solar noon, instead of this summer-time nonsense of calling it noon when it's still really only 11am.  Don't get me started on the ludicrous notion some people have of introducing 'double summer time' and pushing the clocks another hour out of synch with reality.  I'm a stickler for logic, and that sort of stupid idea makes my blood boil.

Did you lot enjoy your extra hour of sleep (the one they stole off you back in April and only just gave back)?  I didn't get one.  Let me explain...

I have this problem where I go to bed at night, and even if I was really tired just before hitting the pillow, my brain always wakes up and starts talking at me.  And it won't... shut... up... for hours.  I can't remember the last time I was asleep before midnight - at least not without cheating the system by skipping sleep altogether the previous night.  And then the morning comes around, and I suddenly start feeling all tired.  My brain shuts up at last, my limbs decide they don't want to move.  So my sleep pattern is pretty messed up anyway, and if I don't corral it with an alarm clock then it tends to drift later and later relative to the clock.

So this year, for the second time running, I pulled a devious little stunt: I deliberately forewent my extra hour (although you could argue that I'd already had it, spread out in 120 half-minute chunks over the course of the summer), so instead of getting up at half 9 on Sunday morning, as I'd been doing before, I got up at half 8 - the same time relative to the sun, but an hour earlier relative to the clock.  First time in a while that I'd been up that early and not felt really naff about it.

The thing now will be to see if the correction sticks.

That wasn't a blog post worth waiting a month for, was it?

- The Colclough