Monday 14 November 2011

Pyrography Tips for Fallible People

Here's a free bit of life advice for you: before sticking that screaming-hot metal poker into the wood and gouging and burning the letters "VI" into the surface, always make sure you really do want to write "VI", not "IV".  Cause, y'know, if you're trying to make a new Binary Advent Candle, for example, then you might find that the correct marking for the middle hole is "IV" after all.

Not "VI".

I especially recommend that you check your Latin number-spelling before you spend ages doing all the elaborate designs around the candle holes.  Not after, which I did, and which made it all that much worse.

And that's how my productive deed for this evening ended: very badly, with the sickening realisation that "VI" doesn't spell "4".  Accompanied by a little wisp of pine smoke.

- The Colclough

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