Friday 4 February 2011

The Second Instalment

So, I've made it to Number 2.

Back in the early days of my YouTuber-ness, I came across this phenomenon with several different web series, where Episode 1 was really good and then Episode 2, in one way or another, was where it all fell apart.  I found three major variants:
  • Problem A: they make something labelled 'Episode 1', but they might as well not have said 'Episode' anything, because there's never a second one.
  • Problem B: the second instalment does show up, but it's a massive letdown, and the series either ends forthwith, or else straggles along as a pathetic shadow of what it could have been.
  • Problem C: there are two instalments, and every indication that the series is set for a long and excellent run, but it somehow vanishes into thin air and Ep 3 never shows.

Once you get to three or more, there seems to be some sort of critical-mass effect, so Ep 2 is generally the cruch point.  At least, that's what happened in the series I looked at.

Which all raises the question of how I'm getting on:
  • I've obviously managed to avoid Problem A, because as you can see, I've got a second episode right here.
  • I'll leave it to you to decide whether I've fallen foul of Problem B... is 'Fruit Pastilles' up to par compared with 'Marker Pen'?
  • And I've got some plans for another Arbitrary Stopframe clip for next week, so hopefully I'll avoid Problem C.

And speaking of long-running series and things: my next post on A White Horizon will be the fiftieth.  Fifty already?  Crumbs 8/

- The Colclough


  1. That was really sweet :) And I don't think you've fallen for any of them as I very much enjoyed that. Critical analysis may need to be done in order for me to decide whether I prefer it to ep 1. I mean, one of my most favourite types of sweet against my favourite type of pen?! =)

  2. I though it was quite good.

    Is there going to be a story to the series where by the last one you get this story as you watch them one by one.

    Sam Arthur