Wednesday 14 September 2011

The Whole Neurological Disorder Thing

Yeah, that thing in the 'About Me' box where I mentioned having some sort of autistic-spectrum condition... it's been a little over three years since the idea was first put to me that I might have Asperger's Syndrome, and what with the 'anniversary' having just gone past, I've been doodling again.

That was how I decided to deal with the idea back in July 2008 - I started drawing a picture for each day which summarised how I'd felt about it.  It lasted two weeks, dropped off as my feelings on the subject started to stabilise, then a couple more drawings snuck in a week later.  And then July 2009 came around, and when other things combined with the one-year mark, it gave rise to a new clutch of drawings.  And so on, re: July 2010 and July 2011.

As a project, I'm not really sure how to categorise it.  Does it come under 'diary-keeping'?  Does it come under 'comic strips', in the sense that it's serialised graphical storytelling (sorta)?  Does it come under 'self-imposed therapy'?  I don't really know.  The funny thing is that despite the heavy stylisation and the extensive use of strange metaphors, it's more truthful, or more documentary in nature, if you like, than pretty much any other creative undertaking I've ever done.

I had previously posted the first 3 years' drawings on Tailcast, but as Tailcast had lost its soul by the end of last year, I gave up and terminated my account, which meant the drawings went offline.  But I have now re-uploaded them all to a new DeviantArt account, along with the latest additions to the series.  You can see all 36 pictures here.  Some of you may have seen some of the pictures before.  Some of you won't.  And none of you will have seen the last 8 yet.

Something a bit more serious, to contrast Cylinder and Miserable, I suppose...

- The Colclough

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