Wednesday 23 November 2011

Sellotape Defeated

I've been having a staring match with my sellotape dispenser, on and off, for the last two months.  Since finishing Arbitrary Stopframe 11, basically.  Thing is, I've been pretty darn sure it must be possible to do an Arbitrary Stopframe episode with sellotape, but I couldn't get the story to hold together.

But as of yesterday afternoon, I've won.  At long, long last, I worked out what to do with the tape, and I've spent a large chunk of today shooting and editing the episode.  Was it worth the wait?  Dunno.  I'll leave that for you lot to decide.  Embed follows...

I could have made a 12th episode a while back, as I've had Sam Arthur's spec script sitting on my hard disk for a few weeks now.  But I wanted to keep that back to use as the grand finale to the series, so it's been waiting around until I could sort out the sellotape.  However, now that the obstacle of Episode 12 is out of the way, I'm hoping to film Sam's script as Episode 13 next week, and put the series on an indefinite hiatus.

In case anyone's panicking, reading that stuff about 'finale' and 'hiatus', I suppose I should clarify: I don't mean I'm permenantly terminating the series.  I'm just going to take a deliberate several-month break (maybe multi-year, but I hope not), and if/when I restart the project then I'll probably make a couple of alterations, mainly moving away from my desk and finding a different location to work in - most likely the kitchen - as this would open up new possibilities for things the characters could interact with.  It's been getting harder to keep coming up with the ideas, as there are only so many items on my desk that are animatable with.

And before you all go cold turkey on me, remember there's still Episode 13 to come before the hiatus...

- The Colclough

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  1. Couldn't get the story to hold together? Clearly a case for some sellotape :-)