Thursday 26 April 2012

Filming Report: Day Four

It's taking longer than I expected.

After four days' filming, I've managed to get through most of the 20-second-long title sequence, about half of Episode 1, and three short scenes for Episode 2.  There have been a lot of things taking up time, but the real killer so far has been the 'sets' - I've had to complete the main exterior and dining-room interior backgrounds before I can make any episodes at all, and they've taken forever.

The good news is that those two - which will almost certainly be the largest and most troublesome drawings in the whole project - are now finished, and both have been used for some filming.  There's a third major set which I need to complete before I can film the last component for the title sequence, but it hopefully won't be as big as its two predecessors.

Quick breakdown of what happened on which day:
  1. Parts of the title sequence using blank backgrounds; main title photo; two 'ideogram' elements (a clock and a calendar, used to denote the passage of time instead of captions saying 'ten minutes later' or whatever)
  2. Scenes on the main exterior set for title sequence and Episode 1
  3. Ep 1 scene 3 (drystone wall cameo set); Ep 2 scenes 3, 5 and 9 (wait and see!)
  4. Ep 1 scene 2 (dining room)
All of the remaining Episode 1 scenes (4, 6 and 8) take place in the dining room, so the plan is to finish those off next and then do some scenes for Episode 2 which happen in a patch of waste ground.  Meanwhile, design and draw that other major interior, and get the missing title sequence shot whenever the set is ready.

And once I've animated both episodes, then I just need to do some extra sound effects recording, and wait for the music to be delivered.

And then I've got two more scripts lined up for the second production block.

More preview pictures coming when I get round to it.

Y'all had better appreciate this blasted toon when it comes out...

- The Colclough


  1. Don't worry about having to spend so much time doing details, TOHO have had a lot of experience doing miniatures for the Godzilla films and when they do details for their films it is important for them to give the right impression and detail for the audience.

    Doing as much detail is a good thing because you want to make it look good for the audience while also satisfying what you like doing.

    The more experience you get the better you will get and also you may get quicker at it as a result, for now just enjoy what you are doing.

  2. Question - Why is Hannah a member of you blog twice?

    1. i didn't know she was - where does it say that?

    2. <- If you look in the direction of the arrow where it says followers, it says you have 8 members. Two of them are the same picture of Hannah.