Monday 2 January 2012

Gauntlet Meets Floor

Okay, new year.  2012 is go.  And I think it might be time for another blogging challenge.

This time last year, Hannah Newcombe and I were kicking off a blog race called "First 11 for '11", the idea being that the first one to write their first 11 posts for the new year would win.

Hannah won. I'm calling a rematch.  I should probably have posted this sometime in December, but it got squeezed out in all the Christmas rush, so I'm posting it now instead.  The point is: I hereby challenge Hannah, and anybody else who wants to join the bandwagon, to write their "First 12 for '12".  The entry criteria are very simple:
  1. You must be me, Hannah, or somebody else who knows me.  Yes, Sam, that means you're eligible to join in.  (*fixes spelling* - I hate the word 'eligible', by the way; I always seem to misspell the darn thing)
  2. You'll need a blog (obviously).  If you don't have one but would like to join in, then you are allowed to start a blog for the purposes of participating in this challenge.  You'll find the people at helpful, especially if you've already got a Google account.
The rules are pretty simple too:
  1. You must register your participation by leaving a comment on this post.  Unless you're Hannah, that is, in which case your participation is compulsory because you haven't posted in more than 3 months and it's about time somebody got you back to da blog.
  2. You must write 12 substantial and meaningful blog posts in the shortest possible timeframe, starting with a clean slate at or after 0000.01 hours on the morning of Wednesday 4 January 2012 (this post doesn't count, as it wouldn't be fair for me to get a head start like that).  You're allowed to start having ideas for your posts before midight, but not to start writing them up.  The 'substantial and meaningful' clause means that Twitter-style micro-posts don't count, and each post has to comprise a minimum of a few paragraphs' worth on an interesting topic, or at least a paragraph each on several smaller topics.
  3. You must include some statistics at the end of each post: compulsory stats include your Challenge status (i.e. how many "First 12 for '12" posts you've written, including the current one), Latest book read (or currently reading), Latest film/TV watched, Latest music listened to, Latest edible item eaten/drunk, Predominant colour(s) of the clothes you're wearing at the time of writing, and Programs and web pages currently open on your computer.  Plus anything else you want to add.
  4. You must leave at least one comment on each post that is written as part of the challenge by any of your rivals.
  5. First to 12 wins.
There you have it.

And now, having challenged people, I suppose I'd better start having some ideas on what to write myself...

- The Colclough


  1. Well, seen as the "blog!" wallpapers didn't work... I guess this will.....

  2. Challenge Accepted.

    Please could you explain what this means: "You must leave at least one comment on each post that is written as part of the challenge by any of your rivals".

    Oh and to show how much I am going to Win This, Watch this video and replace the word "Rock and Roll" with Write up Blog Posts and replace "Party" with Publish/schedule -

  3. I'm in... Not sure how far I'll get, as I'm not the world's fastest writer... Hey ho 8] New blog, set up with this in mind is at

  4. welcome aboard, everybody 8]

    sam: Rule 4 basically means you have to comment on everybody else's "first 12 for '12" posts. and they have to comment on yours. all of them.