Saturday 22 January 2011

Some You Win, Some You Lose

Okay, so I lost the "First 11 for '11" race.  I was on 10, and then I ran out of things to write about, and left Hannah to steam ahead and win.  I also got a bit sidetracked with the illustrations for Fort Paradox 33 to 38, which I was trying to get done as part of another geeky race against Tim.  Which I'm pleased to be able to say I won.  Still, 11 For 11 was pretty close at 11-10, so I'm not too distraught.

Now here's a little philosophical question that's just occurred to me: is it better to play a race or other game against an enemy and win, or to play it (presumably much more enjoyably) against a friend and lose?  Not saying Tim's an enemy - far from it - it's a hypothetical question.

And that in turn leads on to the bigger philosophical question of what constitutes a friend and how one comes by them in the first place.

In case you hadn't noticed, this post seems to be drifting into deep and angsty territory.  If this is worrying you, Tim, don't panic - I'll write something less depressing you-know-where afterwards B]

So, back to the subject: I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not the most gregarious type, I very quickly get lost in a crowd, and it usually takes me years to build up any sort of meaningful friendship with anyone - meaningful as in knowing someone better than just to say hi to.  I know there was a time, pre-1998, when I didn't know Tim or Sarah Johnston existed, whereas now I know they exist and I'm absolutely convinced that they're awesome, but in all honesty I can't remember how I got from one point to the other.  It was quite a long process, I think.  Once in several blue moons I meet someone new and would consider them a friend almost straight away, but for me that event is nearly as rare as hen's teeth.

Must... not... get sidetracked... into a pointless discussion of chicken dentistry...

But then again, having said that, my circle of friends might be smallish but it contains some brilliant specimens.  Okay, maybe 'specimens' isn't the right word to use, but you know what I meant.  I hope.  The point is, I like to think I have good taste in people.  Too much normality gets boring, but there's not much chance of that happening in my vicinity, as I seem to be slowly accumulating a collection of rather wonderful eccentrics.

And I like it that way.  I'd rather have a handful of fellow geeks around me than a huge contact list of 'normal' people any day.

To the few (you probably know who you are): thanks for being there.  I'm really glad to know you, even if you do sometimes confuse me, or occasionally wipe the floor with me in some race that I challenged you to.  I should learn my lesson and stop challenging people to races, maybe...

Ooh, look, I managed to end my deep and angsty ramble on a high note.  Am pleased with that.

And on that bombshell, it's time to give you my latest bundle of stats (I wonder if I'll miss putting stats on the end of my posts?), and wrap up "First 11 for '11":
  • 11 For 11 status: 11 down, nil to go - race over
  • Latest book read: The Dark Tower, and other unpublished fiction by C. S. Lewis
  • Latest film/TV watched: deleted scenes from X-Men III: The Last Stand (dir. Brett Ratner, 2006)
  • Latest music listened to: Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary by Karl Jenkins (1995) currently on speakers
  • Latest food/sweets/whatever eaten: lunch = leek and potato soup with bacon and courgette muffins, followed by coffee
  • Programs and web pages currently running: Outlook 2007, Word 2007, Windows Media Player, Skype, Firefox (tabs: Blogspot Create Post; A White Horizon,, MatNav)
  • Webcomics posted today: Cylinder and Miserable #1135

- The Colclough

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  1. Officially the end of first 11 for 11... I like doing stats at the end of my blog and I've actually finished reading the book I've been reading for what seems like a year and a day!

    Btw, your present is AMAZING!!!!! I had to rearrange all my posters to get it to fit (some may say I have too many posters but I'd say I have too little wall space) but it is up now =) also, Beth and I watched the Roothill highlights bit of the DVD yesterday and liked it very very much. Especially our mention in the credits. I saw you used my clip of you getting a strike!! =) Anyway, I'll ramble more on my blog in a bit hopefully =)