Friday 3 February 2012

How to Lose a Race

You might have noticed that I lost "First 12 for '12".  As in, lost quite badly.  The first two contenstants finished within three days, Tim claimed third place within two weeks... and it's taken me a month to finish.  All the more embarrassing since I was the one who initiated the contest.  I could try offering another selection box of excuses, but I'm not going to bother.  Suffice to say that I couldn't get enough half-baked blogging ideas to metamorphose into finished posts fast enough.

I did have some posts planned.  Really.  It just took a while (or several whiles) to work out the details.  "Godzilla Versus" was one of them, and I'm hoping you'll get to see another two pretty soon, including the answers to "22 Questions, 1 Clue".  But in the meantime, I thought I should end the race with an illustrated acknowledgement of my defeat.  So I tried to do a quick drawing of the podium... but it all went horribly wrong, so I gave up and decided to settle for verbal acknowledgement instead.

Just you wait.  2013 will happen (the Mayans have nothing to do with it, trust me), and "First 13 for '13" will be a whole different contest!  MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAHH!!!

My final statistics for the end of the race:
  • First 12 for '12 status: 12 down, 0 to go. All finished.
  • Latest book read: still working through 1 Kings in the KJV. Now, Solomon's successor is dead too.
  • Latest film/TV watched: a Ren and Stimpy episode (can't remember which one came last)
  • Latest music listened to: Indaco by Ludovico Einaudi
  • Latest edible item eaten: toasted hot cross bun, and cowjuice
  • Predominant colour of clothes: the old blue and grey, this time with a white t-shirt underneath
  • Programs and web pages currently running: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Firefox (tabs: Blogspot Create Post; Blogspot Dashboard; MatNav 6.1), Skype; Windows Media Player 11
  • Webcomics posted today: n/a

- The Colclough


  1. Can I set the Next Challenge, I think it is time for a Writing Challenge?

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  2. This was more Quantity than Quality. A Fun race to see who can write the most posts the quickest where as my Idea is about writing 1 post. So now you can take time to think about the post you are about to publish without rushing it, so the post could be a whole lot better in quality than a post you are rushing to finish to win a race.

    I have already thought of a Fun theme.