Thursday 1 March 2012

Things Begin!

I've been starting some new things today.

First off this morning, I began pencilling the general layout of the fifth instalment in my series of circly drawings - which, by the way, I've decided to call Arc Phase Variations.  Also worth mentioning that I completed the fourth drawing the other day, and I'll try and get a photo up sometime.  Then, sticking with the arty theme, I painted the background layer for Stained Glass VII.

Then I fired up the computer, and got down to work on the HTML conversion for my Cylinder and Miserable spin-off storyline The Lemonsmith Correspondence.  The new mini-series is fully canon, and partially bridges the gap between the completed Series 2 and the upcoming Series 3.  It comprises 75 emails, supposedly written between Cylinder, Albert, the eponymous Claudia Lemonsmith, and one or two other characters, and I've uploaded the first 8 to the website as you can see if you click this link here.  I did the first 8 as a batch because it was a narratively logical stopping point; some of the other batches will be a lot bigger.  Not sure when the next lot will go online, but I'll try and make it soon.

And finally, my last creative act of the day (apart from writing this blog post, obviously) was to sit down with my microphone and a couple of scripts, and record all the voice work for the first production block of my new cartoon, Papercuts.  Production block A comprises the series title sequence plus episodes 1 and 2, and production block B will comprise episodes 3 and 4.  As for block C, we'll have to wait and see (or wait and C?  No, sorry; that was a bad one), because no more episodes have been written yet.  But the point is, the work has progressed beyond the script-writing stage, which means that the successor to Arbitrary Stopframe is now officially in production!  Watch this space for release date news...

- The Colclough


  1. I do have a story idea for a future a possible animation and it is based around a 1970's Cop Show. There is also the one I have which is based on Hannah's Blog Title.

    1. would be interesing to hear about those sometime...