Friday 15 July 2011

Finale Again

So, Sidewards ended this morning.  Again.  This time, Tim assures me, it really is over.  And once again, I think I believe him.

Unlike the previous 'ending' at Episode 086, this one at Episode 152 actually makes sense as a closing-out point for the series, as it explains who the sandwiches are/become, and leads back into the events of Cylinder and Miserable Series 1, although the fact that they seem to have attacked Doctor Mallard instead of Cylinder is an unexpected twist to the tale.

And now, as the creator of Cylinder and Miserable and the final authority on what did or didn't really happen in the Geometriverse, I face a very interesting challenge: the decision on if and how Sidewards fits into the overall 'mythology'.  It can't be fully canonised, as it has some discontinuities with the parent show, e.g. the fact that it depicts the creation of the WSDMRF (and, by implication, the Fungal Temple), without leaving any space for the longish back history implied for the organisation in C&M.  But there are some aspects which I definitely want to call canon, especially the existence of Field-Marshal Store.  I know he's only a supporting character, but he amuses me.

So I'm going to have to have a long hard think about how it could fit.  Possible explanations could include Sidewards being a fully-accurate history from a parallel Geometriverse, or an altered set of memories posessed by one or more characters after a neuroprogramming accident.  But I'm not sure whether I really want to go down either of those routes.

Whatever I decide, it'll probably be revealed during the course of C&M Series 3, which I've recently started writing, and which (if I've got my maths right) could start appearing online early next year.

Watch this space!

And if you haven't yet ingested the bizarre adventures of the psychotic, industrial-sabotage-committing bacon sandwiches, their neuroprogrammer overlords and their fungal enemies/allies, then please, clicky on this link here and go and fry your brains.  Right.  Now.

And Tim: it's been a great ride.  Thank ye.

- The Colclough

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