Friday 8 July 2011

Now Illustrated!

Just thought I'd show you some photos of the stuff I've been rambling about lately...

Untitled Kingfisher Painting (now greener than ever!)

Beginnings of a second stained-glass experiment, this time with more freehand-ish geometry.  Any resemblance to an eye was purely coincidental.

The line work hasn't shown up too well in the photo, but this is another of my abstract-geometry ramblings.  The image will be a LOT clearer in the finished product.

And finally, those snails...

Cepaea Nemoralis shells, x8

That photo is currently my computer wallpaper.  Just thought you might like to know that.

Maybe next time I'll actually think of something to talk about 8p

- The Colclough

1 comment:

  1. I found a pretty snail shell the other day when helping my grandparents with some post hedge cutting tidying up and it made me think of you. However, I wasn't sure the shell would post well so I'm afraid to say I left it. I don't know why I'm mentioning this... erm.. HI!!