Thursday 5 January 2012

Sucrose, in All its Glory

Oh, giddy aunt, this is going badly.  As in badly badly.  At the time of writing, everyone else is on at least 5 posts (within less than 48 hours of the kickoff - they're all rabidly obsessed with this thing!), and I'm trailing the field with a rather dismal 2.  So here goes me, notching up my third post in a pathetic bid to regain at least a small shred of dignity before Sam, Hannah and Tim wipe me off the face of the blogosphere...

I'm going to talk about sugar this time.  I had a few different chocolates and things as Christmas presents, and now I intend to bore you, distract you or whatever by waffling on about them.  Confectionery as a form of revenge..., wait, I don't think that's going to serve it cold, is it.  Never mind, I'll just write the stuff anyway.

First arrival: jelly babies.

These turned up at the foot of my bed on the morning of the 25th.  I've always liked jelly babies.  More often than not, I will eat a single one in up to half a dozen very small bites, usually starting with the head and/or the feet.  This habit tends to annoy the relatives.  But as I see it, half a dozen smaller bits of jelly baby lasts up to half a dozen times as long as one full-sized jelly baby, so I get more for my money.

Second arrival: chocolate orange segments.

I can't remember who gave me the first box, but I've ended up with two.  Good job I like chocolate orange.

The second box also has a WHSmiths voucher inside, because I decided the chocolate box was probably the safest place for it at the time as the box is big enough for me not to lose it easily.

Third arrival: dolly mixtures.

If you thought it was bad that I can eat a jelly baby in multiple bits, you've got another think coming: I can and will even do the same thing to a dolly mixture.  In fact, to prove a point, I recently halved one, eating one of the two pieces at each stage, until I ended up with 1/1024th of a dolly mixture.  I should point out that I don't normally take it to that extreme; as I said, I was proving a point.

I've been keen on dolly mixtures for even longer than jelly babies, I think, and so much so that I've got a CGI short film in development about a robot that works in a dolly-mixture factory.  I'll keep you posted on that one.

Fourth arrival: little anonymous chocolate pencil thing.

Can't comment on it as I haven't eaten it yet.

Fifth arrival: Whittards cinnamon hot chocolate.

Like ordinary hot chocolate powder, but with added cinnamon.  Had 3 mugs so far.  Very nice.

Sixth arrival: miniature Snickers and Bounty bites out of somebody else's Celebrations packs.

Siblings wanted to trade for some of my chocolate orange bits, and I got the Snickers and the Bounties because the siblings aren't so keen on those ones.

Seventh arrival: a Double Decker bar.

I'm quite partial to these things, but hardly ever get one ('hardly ever' as in one or two a year at best), so it was a very pleasant surprise when Cat left one on my desk for me this afternoon.

I think that covers all the edible stuff I've currently got on my desk (no, wait - there's also a tiny, very random packet of salt.  Don't ask; I don't know any more).  And hopefully means I'm losing horribly by one less post.

Which of those seven do you like best?

You Can Put Numbers on Failure:
  • First 12 for '12 status: 3 down, 9 to go - now trailing the field by two posts
  • Latest book read: still A Brit Different
  • Latest film/TV watched: still Sherlock
  • Latest music listened to: still the Karl Jenkins stuff
  • Latest edible item eaten: another hot chocolate (mint one this time)
  • Predominant colour of clothes: same stuff as earlier today
  • Programs and web pages currently running: Microsoft Office Outlook and Word 2007, Firefox (tabs: MatNav 6.1; Blogspot Dashboard; my previous post; Sam's blog; Blogspot Create Post)
  • Webcomics posted today: n/a

- The Colclough


  1. Jelly Babies..... oh, now I REALLY just want a packet of Jelly Babies.....

  2. Chocolate oranges are excellent. All the better if you can drop them from the top of the stairs, first.

  3. You forgot to mention the Godzilla 1954 DVD which is better than Sugar