Saturday 13 August 2011

That Pongs

Question 17: "What is your favourite smell?"

Time to tackle another hard one. One of the questions in this challenge has already dealt with the fact that a lot of people value one sense more highly than another, with H saying she'd prefer to keep her hearing at the expense of her sight if needs must, while I'd opt to have it the other way round.  To be honest, I don't think about smell the way I do sight or hearing, and if I was going to have to lose one of the three, I'd ditch the olfactory nerves without hesitation.  Which does make it awkward to pick a favourite smell... fact, totally impossible.  I simply don't have one favourite smell.  Maybe I could compile a top ten though, in no particular order:
  • Nearly-cooked pizza
  • Hot bacon
  • Cake
  • Chocolate (solid or liquid forms)
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Month-old carpet (so it still smells like a carpet shop, but not too overwhelming)
  • Freshly cut grass (used to have implications of progress, back in the days when I did the lawn mowing)
  • Wood smoke
  • Roses
  • Ink (in small quantities)
What's yours?

  • Twenty Questions status: 12 down, 8 to go
  • Days until Root Hill: 7
  • Latest book read: don't remember anything since Dianetics
  • Latest film/TV watched: Monsters vs Aliens
  • Latest music listened to: Cylinder and Miserable Official Webcomic Soundtrack: Series 1 Suite
  • Latest edible item eaten: some sort of cranberry breakfast cereal
  • Predominant colour of clothes: grey & blue
  • Programs and web pages currently running: Incredimail, Sibelius 5, Neuratron PhotoScore Lite, Firefox (tabs: Blogspot Dashboard; Blogspot Create Post)
  • Webcomics posted today: Cylinder and Miserable #1335

- The Colclough

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  1. I love smells!!! Mainly nice ones... Yes, I'm the sort of person who values smells highly, maybe hugs boyfriend's jumpers 'cause of the smell.... always takes a big sniff when walking past fresh cut grass... I'm tired.... I'm going to sleep...