Wednesday 17 August 2011

Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

Question 10: "You now have a type 40 TARDIS.  Where and when would your top destinations be?"

Ooh, all of time and space... where do I want to start?  A few of my destinations, in some semblance of chronological order:
  • ~4000 BC to watch the beginning of the universe.  No need to skip ahead and watch the end, because one way or another I'll get to see that anyway.  Spoilers...
  • ~2400 BC to see what the Ark looked like.
  • AD 1011, to see what my local area looked like a millennium ago.
  • It's tempting to go to 1605 and give the Gunpowder Plotters a helping hand, just to see what would happen to history if they'd succeeded, but I don't think I'd go through with that one.
  • I'd go to Skywalker Ranch circa 1994, pick up George Lucas, bring him to the present and show him how the world has reacted to the Star Wars prequels, and then take him back to 1994 so he could fix the scripts accordingly.
  • There was this huge lantern exhibition in the local park when I was living in Hong Kong, and one of my lasting regrets is that I didn't take the time to try and appreciate the quieter, less OTT parts.  I'd take my TARDIS back to Sha Tin Park in autumn 1997 and look at all the bits I missed last time.
  • I'd go to 2005 and bribe Russell T Davies to not write Love and Monsters.
  • Saturn, just because.
...and that's just if I stick to real-world chronology.  If I was including fictional destinations, then I'd go and see Coruscant, visit Gallifrey in its heyday, and just to really confuse myself I might try and materialise on board Fort Paradox.

My stats, at present:
  • Twenty Questions status: 16 down, 4 to go
  • Days until Root Hill: 3
  • Latest book read: Operation Mincemeat
  • Latest film/TV watched: The Simpsons Movie
  • Latest music listened to: Doctor Who Series 1 & 2 OST by Murray Gold - I scared myself when I hit 'play' because I'd turned the speakers up way too loud by mistake 8p
  • Latest edible item eaten: beef burger
  • Predominant colour of clothes: black
  • Programs and web pages currently running: Microsoft Office Word and Outlook 2007, Firefox (tabs: Fort Paradox offline archive; A White Horizon; Blogspot Create Post), Windows Media Player 11
  • Webcomics posted today: Cylinder and Miserable #1338

- The Colclough


  1. With the Saturn thing, were you hoping to get frozen, crushed then burned to death as you sank down through the thousands of miles of metallic atmosphere, or were you thinking of one of the moons? I might suggest visiting Titan, as that sounds quite an interesting place, from what I've read, and it's very similar to Wales (constantly raining and freezing cold). And don't you even think about going to the third moon in you-know-what...

  2. i wasn't going to actually stand on Saturn, just admire the view close-up from the front doors of my TARDIS. should probably have clarified that in the blog. and no, i wasn't going to visit the third moon!

  3. If you want to know what the destruction of parliament would look like, watch the film V for Vendetta.

    I like the Star Wars Prequels.

  4. i like the Prequels too, mostly, but i still think there's some room for improvement =]

  5. You have inadvertently caused me to create a reeeally time consuming answer to question 13........... I'm going to have to work hard to win now!